My Intern’s Reading (and Viewing) List Part I

"Copier Tech" Courtesy of Yo Spiff

Every year, I take on at least one intern to work in my office. I expect them to do quite a bit of scut-work and provide support to the office.

In return, I let them see and hear what it’s like to negotiate and litigate in the entertainment business. The reps on the other side of the deal are usually gracious enough to allow the interns to listen in on conference calls and the interns attend depositions, hearings and settlement conferences when we’re involved in litigation matters.

I also require my interns to complete a reading and viewing list and be prepared to discuss it with me during the course of their internship.

Here’s the first in a series of what was on last summer’s list in no particular order:

Animal Planet

Everything (ok. well, not everything) I know about the entertainment business I learned from watching Animal Planet.

All negotiations (indeed, most human interactions) can be reduced to basic animal-like drives and instincts. Like the clip here between a male and female bear or the bull moose locking horns below, negotiations involve the struggle for dominance and submission.

Watch it. Really. Trust me. Once you understand that negotiations are really driven by human behavior and human needs, you can increase your ability to address the needs demands of the opposing party without giving away the store.

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